Horse-riding for handicaped people

Since May, 2006, dressage together with carriage driving are considered 8th discipline within FEI, under the appellation “Para-Equestrian”, proof of the will of integration of the horsemen with reduced mobility on behalf of the International Equestrian Federation on the very media stage of classical horse-riding, in function especially of their merit and not by feeling of pity. It is therefore important to insist and to contribute to this integration. Indeed, for many handicapped people, the identification of ambition and endurance of these athletes becomes their main motivation not to be allowed to go and to learn to live with their disability.

In competitive sport, the horsemen with reduced mobility can participate in so called “integratif” tournaments, together with not handicapped horsemen, as well as in devoted tournaments (organised in collaboration with the International Equestrian Federation).

The way of therapeutic horse-riding in the sports horse-riding of competition often passes by three stages:

  1. Classification in “Ranks”
  2. The test created and put into practice in Great Britain: “Talent Spotting”
  3. Two categories of competitions: Beginners and advanced